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Richard Surraco
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm an half otaku, half insane... but completely black and latin! CHALE!

Current Residence: Montevideo, Uruguay (It exist, believe me!)
Favourite genre of music: Techno/house and Electro-Pop
Favourite style of art: Manga style(Otaku mod: Heavy watcher)
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: USA: Looney Tunes and Cartoon Cartoons; Anime: all the superheroes and magical girls ^_^
Personal Quote: I'm not better than you... I'm just crazier!


Theory Time!

Episode 1: Rose has DUST on her hands! (Steven Universe)

I decided to go ahead and post some theories about what's happening on some stories and what's the meaning I found on them. I know, it's blog stuff, but I have no blog I give a fuck about, so this is as good place as any.

Anyway, let's begin this road with Steven Universe (knowledge of the series is a must and SPOILER ALERT). We're gonna talk about Steven's "caring" mother/half body, Rose Quartz, probably the most obscure character on the entire series, even more than the diamonds themselves. Why? Because all the views we got on them are pretty subjective, that's why! And also, because she has secrets that may outshine the Corrupting Light if they come out. Which secrets? Well, to begin with, let's confirm the ones that are confirmed:

Lion: She hid this creature even from her loyal second in command, Pearl, which caused Cerebus Syndrome to kick into the series (i.e. it stopped from being a simple story of the chubby fun-loving kid that hangs out with magical guardians and began to be a story of a group of emotionally unstable heroines trying to look after the son/reincarnation of their former leader, who is expected to be by everyone as good or even better than said leader) when it arrived on the story... well, Lion 3 came 10 episodes prior, though. Both episodes are painful because the series, in that moment, wasn't really aiming into that direction at that moment. Why did she keep Lion and his inner dimension a secret?

Bismuth: SPOILERS! Bismuth, the Blacksmith of the team and probably one of the reasons Lapis was stuck in the mirror, was bubbled in Lion's Dimension and her disappearance was hid from the rest. In fact, that's why Lion was hidden too, to keep her secret. Bismuth was bubbled inside of Lion because she created the Breaking Point, a weapon capable of breaking gems. She expected it to be the game changer in the war, but Rose was having none of it. She fought and bubbled Bismuth and placed her in a place where others couldn't find her, in order to not disrupt the dynamics of the group. Also, killing's bad. Like... so bad.

Jasper: THE ULTIMATE SPOILER! As revealed in the latest episode, Jasper is not a Yellow Diamond gem, but a Pink Diamond gem. At least, she sees herself as such. The trailer revealed that, in her mind, the Diamond Authority symbol will always be the ancient one with the four colored diamonds instead of the modern one. She may be working under Yellow, but her diamond is Pink. Or was. Actually, this guides me to my theory: Rose, in the wake of the rebellion, BROKE PINK DIAMOND! Or at least that's what everybody thinks. I also take it that Rose was also belonging to Pink D, of course. This is why Jasper hates Rose (and Steven, by association), because she did something horrible to her diamond, which can only mean she broke her. After all, Pink was not one of the colors that created the Corrupting Light that formed all the Gem Monsters the gang have to puff every chapter.

Steven: Why this one? Because I think that she didn't just wanted to have a child... she wanted to have a child who would be a proper leader for the team and mend the horrors of her pasty. Rose is a Quartz. As such, she was made as a fierce warrior. But she rebelled at the ways of the Diamonds because she found out the greatness of life on Earth and didn't want the planet to be ruined (which explains the "Screw You" the Diamonds left alongside with the Corrupting Light in the form of the Cluster), so she fought. In the fight, she killed her Diamond and broke her (my theory, of course), much to her shock, because she couldn't bear what happened. Steven exists as a blank slate, her way to atone for her sisn to sacrifice herself to give birth to the savior of the world. Which means...

After War: She knew the attacks of the Diamonds would not be the last incursion of the Homeworld in to the plant. In fact, she expected the planet to be in permanent danger beyond just a few monsters. I think she found, in a solo trip to the Kindergarden, a Prototype Cluster and felt what was coming and that she may not be able to solve this alone. She destroyed Pink Diamond in the wake of the war, probably by letting her emotions get the best of her, and that caused all the major events in the war, including how it ended. Just as Peridot said, because of her actions (not only the rebellion, but the whole breaking a diamond thing) Earth was about to be destroyed by the cluster. She was the sole responsible for all the story, not the Diamonds, not her army, but her. She caused a clusterfuck with her rebellion. Yes, she saved the planet, but at the cost of what?

Harmed Planets: The actions of Rose are not only unexplained for the Homeworld, are also dooming it. As Peridot said, their planet is scarce on resources, which is why she has little abilities of gems. That's also why they are relying on Rubies to do the job of Quartzes and why Jasper was the leader. Jasper may be one of the few Quartzes that made it back after the war and there are not enough resources to make more of her. She's unique in several ways. So not only Earth is under constant attack from the planet, but also the Homeworld is dying. Instead of a doomed planet and a saved planet, we now have one doomed planet and one threading on a tightrope (in the first figure, Earth is the Doomed planet, in the second one, is Homeworld). Homeworld is desperate, the CG were probably discovered to be still alive, which may restart the war, and who knows if this may not make the Cluster emerge (remember, the bubble it's stuck in may be popped if shaken badly). SU is an like the aftermath of a Nuclear Holocaust that may cause another one. And all because of Rose Quartz... Stupid Sexy Quartz...
TT! Ep. 1: Rose has DUST on her hands!
Theory Time #1, everybody!

SU belongs to Rebecca Sugar and her gang of crooks. Also CN.
Meh, sure... happy 16 or whatever. by ZetaRESP
Meh, sure... happy 16 or whatever.
Once again, a birthday celebration finds me with my fucks to give in another pants... that caught on fire.

So, well... Sweet 16, I guess...
Omega-Sigma - Ozzy Messier by ZetaRESP
Omega-Sigma - Ozzy Messier
Another one with Hapuriainen creators, this time the Digimon Character Maker

Full name: Omega Sigma Messier
Race: Human
Type: Normal
Age: 12; Weight: 115 lbs; Height: 5'2''.
Hair style: Short and unkempt; Hair color: dark grey; Skin color: Mocha; Eye color: Grey
Known aliases: "Ozzy" (preferred and common), "Greek Guy", "Baby blue eyed blondie of my heart" (only one person; he'll run like hell upon hearing it, if possible).
Hometown: Roma, IT
Actual place: Sunfloville, MA
Likes: Tender meat with nice sauce, rice and pastas; cats and small animals like gerbils and mice; Video Games, specially MMORPGs; Comic Conventions; His personalized set of blue RPG dice; TCG; Basically every kind of game that involves Fantasy and may be considered "nerdy"; mixed martial arts and sports, to balance out
Dislikes: Junk Food (after so much time, he can't handle it); Dogs and other large animals (can't be pet); homework (he's only nerdy about game, not about everything else); family meetings (his folks are loco in the coco); having his dice taken (MAJOR BERSERK BUTTON; last person who did it got stuck in a wheelchair for a whole term); girls and their attempts of attract him (he only gets the loony ones on his life; it's kind of the way of the Messier)

Biography: Product and cause of on e of his family's insane bets; his parents believe he was gonna be a girl because the Messier always began with a girl, but a rich man thought otherwise, he betted some of his fortune, they betted the name of the child. But the result was a male, and so he was born with the name of two strange spots in his lower back that seemed to be a Ω and a Σ, so his name followed both letters, Omega Sigma. Because of it, he got bullied and got with the rejects of the school, slowly getting into their fantasy world and wishing to be a great knight. The bulling kept, but he once got overheard by his father about it and he was having none of it so, using the craziness of his blood, he got his son enrolled into a self-defense course at summer... which he later swapped for a boot camp experience, as he thought it could work faster and do more for the same cash. Despite his age and the roughness, he endured it, because he was desperate to end it up and return to his games. After that summer, he returned taller and better built. He was still into cards, now more than ever, but he was liking and keeping in shape his new body. Nobody got to laugh of his hobby or his name again (he's called Ozzy as a safety measure), as he proved the bullies he could fight back and HOW. He still likes the idea of being a knight, so he began to take fencing lessons from his grandfather, who thinks himself to be a reincarnated Don Quixote. He gets tangled with all the craziness a comedy/slice of life can have, but he's very level-headed to take it all in. Also, strong as an ox. REALLY strong.

Notes: His body hides well his extra pounds of muscle, until he gets like trying to do an effort and his body pumps up. Don't ask him to move a furniture if you don't think you can hold the sight of a small kid becoming Kenshiro's Son.

Ozzy and Omega-Sigma: The Story are mine!!

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